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buy discount Diesel Engine

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The SCTA855 CCEC products,ranging from 350hp to 450hp, are derived from the SCTA855 engines. The NTA855-M400 Marine Diesel Engines are suitable for fishing vessels that do not require type approval, custom options or complex packaging.
Key Engine Features
1. Mechanical PT fuel system(Stable Pressure,Scheduled spay timing and scheduled spray oil capacity );
2. Heat exchanger cooling;
3. Lubrication System – Fleetguard spin-on oil filters provide extended service intervals and reduce maintenance. Standard capacity (34 L [9.0 gal]) or large capacity (37 L [9.7 gal]) oil pan available for longer oil change intervals. Prelub system protects engine from damage due to dry starts

1. Big Power;
2. Fuel Economy;
3. Light Weight

General Specifications
NTA855-M400 Marine Diesel Engine for Main Propulsion
NameNTA855-M400 Marine Diesel Engine
Rated Power298kw/400hp
Rated Speed1800rpm
ConfigurationIn-line, 6 cylinder,4-stroke diesel
Displacement14 L (855in3)
Peak Engine Torque @ 1500 rpm1813 N.m
Fuel SystemPressure Time(PT)
Compression Ratio14:1
Fuel Consumption at Rated Speed74.5 L/H
Weight(With Heat Exchanger System)1429kg
Dimensions may vary on selected engine configuration.

PT fuel System VS High-pressure Fuel System
PT fuel SystemHigh-pressure Fuel System
1. Interchangeable.different power and engine speed can use one fuel pump. Just adjust a little  on the same basic pump and injector, the engine power and speed will change.1. different power and engine speed need different fuel pump.
2.Just cut off the flow of fuel, then engine will stop2.when the fuel pump stop working,the engine will stopbuy discount Diesel Engine
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